Amelia Balderrama

Meet the President

I am passionate about helping the Clerks do their jobs. This passion began 20 years ago when I was a teenager. My dad started iDocket back in 1999 when he saw a need to get court data online. He coded the first iteration of iDocket’s CMS and I was right there beside him, doing office chores, and putting stamps on envelopes. Over time, I got to know the Clerks and their needs and it wasn’t long before I was running the business beside my dad. In 2019, I bought the company. Today we are driven by the same motivation that my dad had when he started the company: streamlining court data and making it available online to make the Clerks’ jobs easier AND to improve the court system by integrating the data.

I am a native Texan, my children will soon be in public schools, and my husband is in law enforcement. So the mass shootings that the state of Texas, and our nation, has experienced hits home for me. I know that the Offices of Court Administration and state governing bodies want it stopped, and our Uniform Court Management System (UCMS) plays a big role in preventing mass violence.