Customer Highlight: Candace Jones, Scurry County, Texas

I am the District Clerk for the 132nd Judicial District Court of Scurry County. I work in Snyder, TX where our courthouse is located. I started in the District Clerk's Office on January 1, 1999 as a part-time/full-time Deputy. On October 15, 2005, I was appointed to the District Clerk's position, where I have run for office and won for four terms. So I'm about to complete my 22nd year in the office and 16 of those I've had the privilege and honor of serving as the officeholder for my county.

My office philosophy is customer service, customer service, customer service! We are public servants so it's all about taking care of our customers and constituents: meeting their needs, helping them without providing legal advice to them, being efficient, professional, and still remaining hometown friendly.

My staff and I currently use Quartz for our cases which includes Criminal, Civil, Family, and Juvenile cases and it also has my Jury System tucked in neatly with it which I love. It's so nice having only one software to deal with instead of two since Jury is right in with the whole system. In the past we've used Tyler Technology's Ableterm and more recently their Odyssey and their Jury Software.

iDocket's program is super user-friendly. I'm used to a complicated system, so it's been a delight to learn the program and see just how simple our daily routine has turned into. Even my Jury Program is easy to learn and user-friendly and it’s included as a part of the Quartz program, so I don’t have to deal with two separate software programs, which is a wonderful idea!

My office's Attorney General Billing process is very different than most others. Our billing creates credits and we write the Attorney General's Office a check several times a year as sometimes we receive more money than the Attorney General owes us. This is something that iDocket put lots of time and brainpower into to make this work the way I wanted it to. It now runs smoothly without any crazy problems.

If you are looking for a software company that will give you the same customer service as you provide to your customers look no further! iDocket's #1 advantage over other companies is the customer service they provide to their people. They go the extra mile to make everything work correctly and appropriately for you. And they listen, which is a wonderful thing in this day and age. Their product is so user-friendly; it’s both easy to use and easy to teach to new employees.

This is a hard question. iDocket has already added so many things to the Quartz program to meet my office's needs. The one thing I can think of is in the Appeals Builder area. We'd like to see a "universal" button to delete documents with. A "universal" button would allow us to check all the buttons at one time and delete them quickly so we can move on with creating the Supplemental Record.

I've been married to my best friend, Bill, for almost 25 years. We have three kids, Brittainy, Tabitha, and Anthony, but the most important thing is we have four glorious grandkids who I love more than life. Hailey and Audryn live near and we love chasing them around to ball games of all kinds. Grayson and Keaton live in Pearland and haven't quite reached that age of being so busy with school and sports, but we anticipate and look forward to lots of trips down south as they get bigger and as retirement approaches.

We have five dogs and two cats and I'm happy to say that all are rescues except for one. Bill and I both love supporting and promoting Second Chance Dog Rescue, which is our local organization, and we also support a group out of Amarillo called Gracie's Project. Both are filled with wonderful people who have the same goal as we do.

We attend Central Baptist Church in the small community of Hermleigh where we live. We really appreciate the smaller, more intimate group in a church setting.