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Subscription Plan Pricing Changes, Effective July 1, 2022, LLC is announcing an update in their subscription plan pricing. This change is applicable to users currently accessing more than 12 counties in their subscription plan; any users accessing fewer than 12 counties are not affected by this change.
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Subscription Promotion on Annual Plans, June 2022

For a limited time (until July 1st, 2022), iDocket is offering our annual subscription plans at a 10% discount. This promotion is targeted at Users searching 12 or more counties but is available to all Subscribers. By taking advantage of our promotion, your expiration date will be extended a full year. You will receive a quote for your annual plan at a 10% discount. There is no obligation to receive a quote, but you need to reply with acceptance to execute the promotion. For an annual subscription quote with promotional pricing, please Contact Us.

Changes to Daily Searches

We will be changing our daily searches allowance starting on August 16th, 2021.
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Promotional Discounts

50% Discount offered on additional plans for the same account. This works well for companies with multiple Users need access. We also offer 50% Government Discount for Federal, State or Local governmental agencies. Please Contact Us for more details.

Additional accounts

Additional subscriptions will be billed at half price of the highest rate of any User on the account.

Recently Added Counties

Scurry CC, Bee CC, Robertson CC, Orange DC, Donley CC & DC, Jackson DC, Rusk DC, Bosque CC & DC, and Deaf Smith CC, case information now available.

Recently Added Counties with Image

Culberson CC & DC, Jim Hogg CC & DC, Bandera DC, Caldwell DC, Nacogdoches CC & DC, Washington CC, and Orange DC --- Over 39.4 million Document images


Culberson CC & DC

Counties Coming Soon

Crockett CC & DC

Additional County Records

If you would like for to include court case information from additional counties, please submit our request form.
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