Recruitment FAQs

We understand how frustrating it can be submitting job applications and then waiting weeks or months to hear back – if ever. We strive to make the process as quick and easy as possible.

We generally try to reach out to a candidate within a week of receiving an application that meets our criteria. When we reach out, we will schedule a technical interview with you as soon as possible – sometimes within the same week! This technical interview will involve a mixture of verbal questions about your background, your experience, and why you’re interested in iDocket. For some roles, you will then be asked to complete a short assessment where you’ll demonstrate your coding ability or other relevant practical knowledge.

Once you successfully pass the technical interview, we will reach out again, this time to schedule a personal interview with the company president, Amelia Balderrama. As before, we will do our best to schedule this as quickly as possible, so that you don’t have to wait long before hearing about the next step. The interview with Amelia gives her the opportunity to get to know you better, as she values having a personal relationship with all her employees. Furthermore, it gives you the chance to ask any questions about the company or the job, including salary, benefits, etc.

The final step of the process is the job offer, which is official once you sign it and send it back to us!

There are a few good rules to follow when preparing for your interview:

Know the job description

The job description provides a list of the qualifications, qualities, and background we are looking for in an ideal candidate. The more you can align yourself with these details, the more we will be able to see that you are qualified. Because the job description is not comprehensive, it may also give you ideas about questions you can ask us during any of the interviews.

Consider why you are interviewing and your qualifications

Before your interview, you should have a good understanding of why you want the job and why you’re qualified. Be prepared to explain your interest in the opportunity and why you’re the best person for the role. We want to be excited with you about the possibility of you joining our team, so tell us why you’re excited about the role.

Research iDocket and the specific role you’re applying for

Researching the company you’re applying to is an important part of preparing for any interview. Not only will it help provide context for your interview conversation (as you’ll have a better idea of what we’re talking about when we mention specific products we offer) but it will also help you when preparing thoughtful questions for us during your interview.

Relax and be yourself

We know that interviews are nerve-wracking at the best of times. We do our best to make the experience informal and relaxed on our end so that you can feel more comfortable. So prepare as much as you can beforehand, but during the interview just remember to breathe and that we’re all rooting for you! We offered you an interview because we already felt that you may be a good fit, so the interview is just a chance to explore that further.

We offer PTO, insurance coverage, 401K, and quarterly performance bonuses. We also give every employee the day off for their birthday.

Because we have government contracts, all employees will need to be able to pass background checks and drug tests as well as sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before their first day. After your first day you will need to be fingerprinted and e-verified with the government.


All employees are a part of a team, where you can bounce ideas off of one another. Managers actively work with team members to help them develop their skills and advance in their careers.


Employees are trusted to have ownership over their work, and they have the individual power to improve results. As a company with limited bureaucracy, we strive to empower our employees and do not believe in micromanaging.


We offer a relaxed atmosphere. In meetings, you’ll find that most of your coworkers are dressed in t-shirts. All roles are remote, and most employees have flexible work schedules. We want you to be able to tailor your job to fit your life outside of work.


Our teams are highly adaptive. They frequently reassess and redirect their course of action to adjust to the changing marketplace and meet the needs of our clients. Every day on the job is a little bit different and you will find opportunities to work outside of your job description, if desired, to further improve your skills.


As a HUB company, we prioritize making employees from all walks of life feel welcome. Individualities are celebrated and we want everyone to feel like they have a place here. Exclusionary behavior is not tolerated.