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These prices are for monthly subscriptions. Quarterly and Annual subscriptions are available. Additional subscriptions will be billed at half price of the highest rate of any user on the account. Governmental agencies are billed at half price. Please Contact Us for more information.


Subscription Prices

Current Subscription Prices

Features Per Plan

Ruby Plans and Features
Access to Emerald (Property records search) requires a Ruby GOLD Plan subscription.
Listed above are the prices for your reference.

Features Per Plan

Ruby Plans and Features

To convert your Basic Subscription to a Paid Subscription, or upgrade your subscription plan to take advantage of premium features, please log into your account. If you have any questions concerning your account, please Contact Us

Why subscribe? is an Internet website that contains both property record and court case information from an ever-increasing number of the county clerks and trial courts. Registered users of can search’s database of property records as well as millions of court cases and millions of litigants.

Registered users depending on the chosen subscription plan can search for cases:

  • by plaintiff name or defendant name
  • by file date or attorney name
  • by county or court
  • by exact name or sounds like name
  • by bondsman or county
  • by state or cause number

They can view parties, attorneys and court calendars; Purchase document images in participating counties; request email reminders when new filings occur; and more. moves the court house that was across the nation, across the state, across the county or across the counter, virtually, via the Internet, onto your desktop.

For property Records, registered users—depending on the chosen subscription plan—can search for documents:

  • by county
  • by first name, and/or last name, suffix
  • by grantor, grantee or both
  • by individual instrument number or range of instrument numbers
  • by a date range of filing date, i.e. from – through
  • by instrument type such as deed, lien, lease, probate, etc.
  • by Volume/Book – Page/Frame
  • By legal description

Subscribers can obtain and view property record indexes, view documents; request copies of property records and more.

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Credits Having Internet Provided Services (CHIPS)

  • CHIPS are required to view document images.
  • CHIPS can also be used to access our web site without a subscription.
  • Once purchased, CHIPS can be used anytime for viewing document images or other features.
  • CHIPS have no expiration date.

Memorandum of Agreement

Subscribers are able to view document images, provided they have signed and returned a Memorandum of Agreement and purchased CHIPS. Go to "Services" then "Purchase CHIPS for document images" for more information.

To View Document Images

CHIPS are required to view document images because the Clerk charges a fee to view the documents. We use CHIPS as the method of payment for these charges. The number of pages in the document determines how many CHIPS are required to view the image. Two Chips are required to view a document 4 pages or less, and additional CHIPS are required for additional pages (typically 1 CHIP for every 4 pages).

After purchasing documents with CHIPS the redaction process will begin in a new tab window, once the redaction is done the document will open up as a PDF file. The document will include the iDocket watermark and "This document was retrieved from Website", at the bottom of the page.

Prices for CHIPS

Packages of CHIPS are sold in lots of 5, 40, and 200 CHIPS. The price per CHIP is determined by two factors:

  1. Quantity of CHIPS purchased
  2. User's Subscription Plan.

The best price per CHIP is a Gold Plan subscriber buying 200 CHIPS. The highest price per CHIP is a Basic Access Plan user buying 5 CHIPS.

A user requiring heavy use of CHIPS would be best served by upgrading their plan to the Gold Plan. Paying a higher reoccurring charge for the subscription plan would be offset by the discounted price for CHIPS.

Quantity of CHIPS Gold Plan Silver Plan Bronze Plan Free Plan
5 $24.99 $27.49 $29.99 $32.49
40 $179.99 $199.99 $219.99 $239.99
200 $799.99 $899.99 $999.99 $1099.99
500 $1999.99 $2249.99 $2499.99 $2749.99
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