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Frequently Asked Questions

In short, iDocket.com is an Internet database of court case information. Clerks of Court maintain court case information in state and county courthouses throughout the United States. Much of this information is available for personal inspection at the clerk's office where the records are stored. Now, for selected courts, iDocket.com brings the courthouse to you by making court case information available on the Internet.

iDocket.com offers convenient Internet access to public court case information. It is an on-line database that can be used to track court cases filed in various counties. iDocket.com gives desktop access to court records that users would normally be required to request by mail or retrieve in person from the courthouse. Information for iDocket.com is extracted from the court clerk's database daily and loaded onto the iDocket.com Internet website so that users may do a "virtual inspection" of court cases by viewing the equivalent of the clerk's file docket.

iDocket.com provides the following information:
  • Case number
  • Names of the parties
  • Court costs, fines, fees, and payments
  • Listing of all documents filed with the court clerk
  • Listing of all notifications, subpoenas, etc., issued by the court clerk
  • Filing date
  • Disposition date
  • Type of case
  • Attorneys
  • Bondsman
  • Court
  • Offense/type of case
iDocket.com also provides advanced capabilities to search court records by:
  • Names of the parties
  • Type of offense
  • Cases filed during a date range
  • Cases disposed during a date range
  • Court
  • Attorney

To see the type of court case information that resides on our databases, click here to browse the list of Courts and Counties currently participating in iDocket.com.

Yes, and No. The majority of our clerks have elected to have just their indexes available. However some do have images and are available through our website. Whether they do or don’t is a decision made by each clerk and we follow their lead. You can check our Texas map to verify that we have the county document images. Do a search for your case and in the index part you can click View Document Images

Most court information stored on the iDocket.com web site is available at no charge. However, in order to perform certain types of research and take advantage of certain premium services, we require a subscription or a "per use" fee to defray the costs of placing the court information on the Internet. See our Subscription Plans for more information.

You may search court cases by litigant name to determine a "case number", view court case numbers, case types, case styles, case filing and disposition dates and case dispositions; and determine the courts names, court locations and bondsmen. You may also view the names of all parties involved with a case as well as the name of each attorney representing each party.

Subscribers to iDocket.com may access all "free" information listed above. In addition, iDocket.com subscribers, for a monthly fee, may perform sophisticated case searches, i.e., searches for cases by case category, case type, name of any attorney identified in a case, name of the court in which the case resides and the case filing and/or disposition date. In addition, subscribers may view case history, i.e., a log of all motions, orders, citations, answers, actions, costs, payments and ledger.

iDocket.com provides services as well as information. iDocket.com begins its service by consolidating, on its website, information from many courthouses. Then iDocket.com makes this information available day and night, seven days per week to Internet users statewide, nationwide and worldwide. In addition, because iDocket.com stores information from multiple courts, iDocket.com provides a means for its users (1) to move virtually from courthouse to courthouse in minutes and (2) to broadcast litigant or attorney name searches over multiple courts or counties. iDocket.com users, rather than hitting the road, merely click a mouse in order to travel county to county, courthouse to courthouse and case to case.

Court case information remains available from the courthouse. (Courthouse fees for searching, copying, faxing mailing, etc. —whether established by local rules or state statutes— may be determined by contacting the court directly.)

iDocket.com is attempting to bring additional courts onto iDocket.com web site as soon as possible. Many courts are ready and eager to use the latest technology to better serve the public —these courts are merely waiting for iDocket.com to bring them onto the Internet as soon as possible. Other courts wish to continue their current over-the-counter, telephone/fax services for the public. To see which counties and courts are available on iDocket.com, click here.

No. The computers at the iDocket.com web site are not connected to the courts' computers. Rather, the courts send court case information to iDocket.com then iDocket.com places the case information on its databases. iDocket.com neither requires nor expects the courts' computers to be on the Internet.